'The John Toshack to Warren Peace's Kevin Keegan,' Merthyr boy, producer, actor, writer, filmmaker, DJ, Cardiff City fan and all-round over achiever Jonny Owen known is best known for Svengali which he wrote and starred in along with Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) and Vicky McClure (This is England '90), Good Arrows, Channel 4's mini-series Glue, 2009's A Bit of Tom Jones and is a regular voice/face on talkSPORT and Sky's Soccer AM. 

Jonny won a Welsh Bafta for his documentary The Aberfan Disaster which he co-produced in 2006. His latest documentary I Believe in Miracles (2015), the story of Brian Clough’s history-making Nottingham Forest team that won back-to-back European Cups in 1979 and 1980 has been called ‘The Greatest Football Film Ever Made’ by The Guardian. (They're right...we've seen it!)
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He is currently working on two new films  set for a 2017 release -details coming soon!

Jonny lives in Nottinghham, UK and is currently recovering from a month spent in France following his beloved Wales at UEFA Euros 2016 where he consumed copious amounts of chocolate croissants and 'beaucoup de lager.'

Listening to: When I Call Your Name- The Spitfires 

​Twitter: @JonnyOwenFilm



Get to know your MR&B host, Penny Lane (The Good), Jonny Owen (The 'Brawd') and Warren Peace (The U̶g̶l̶y̶  Bollocks!) 


When she isn't suffering Warren Peace's BS and perfecting her 'piss prounounciations' on Maximum Rhythm & Booze, Penny Lane also hosts her own show, PUNKS IN PARKAS on Winnipeg Canada's UMFM 101.1 - Playing a mix of soul, garage, French Ye-Ye and mod revival, after eleven years on the air, it has earned the status of the world's longest running mod radio show.

A long time listener and fan, she teamed up with Warren Peace as co-presenter of the widely-listened to 'We are the Mods!' podcast as the show's 'voice of reason' and 'Yin to Peace's Yang' (she prefers the term 'The C to his UNT')

In addition to blogging, lending her voice to films, co-DJing Winnipeg's premiere soul event 'Shake & Shout' and raising her son, Hunter,  Penny is also an avid writer and was  asked by the prestigious AMOEBA MUSIC blog to list her Top 10 Essential Mod Albums of all time. Penny was also recently published in the popular mod book Sawdust Caesars; Original Mod Voices by Tony Beesley.

Listening to: The Remains "Why Do I Cry"

Twitter: @DjPennyLane

Iconoclast, writer, businessman and philanthropist (emphasis on the pissed), Warren Peace’s radio career was almost over before it started when he was fired from a Nashville, TN radio station for an argument with the station manager over a ‘inappropriate’ language used to describe Gerorge W.Bush that turned into a full-blown fist-fight whilst broadcasting live on the air!

After moving on to create and host the wildly popular global modcast 'We are the Mods' (a show that in its heyday won 57% of the popular vote in the 2013 Mod Generation's 'Best of' poll and still boast Facebook’s largest mod community page), Warren's 'call it as he sees it' style continued to court controversy. The show's success incurred and the wrath of the 'mod elite*' by challenging established rules, ideologies and judgment on the scene perpetrated by the crowd he not so affectionately christened 'Quad Mods' or the "ill-fitting Fred Perry brigade."
His radio style, described by SUSSED magazine as "anger dripping from radio speakers" (he prefers to call it passion) has earned him both a legion of fans and an army of haters.

A Beatles-obsessed, Man U worshiping rare Blue Note Jazz vinyl collector based in Dallas, TX with a penchant for really good scotch,Peace is starting work on his second novel with his first being published early in 2017. 

It has nothing to do with whether or not mods should wear trainers.

Listening to: BIG STAR- "Radio City"

​Twitter: @djwarrenpeace1

* homely, mid-life social media trolls with a retro fetish, cats, a bad: haircut, tailor & taste 

Down with O.P.P? 

(Owen Penny and Peace)