Italian mod sensations THE MADS are back with a new single ‘On the Bus b/w ‘The Way She Smiles' available strictly on BLUE VINYL on the Area Pirate label!
Power pop dipped in R&B at it’s finest and we’re spinning it exclusively on the new MR&B!
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Billy Nomad

Billy Nomad is a character; In more ways than one.

Performed by entertainer/producer Craig Hudson, Billy is the Jekyll to Craig's Hyde.

Acoustic driven punk & blues is ultimately what it's all about but Billy has a way with audiences of all ages (within reason). Previous shows have included a beauty pageant, art auction, live hypnosis & music, amongst other things; all wrapped up in Nomad's critically observational comedy ravings.

Billy Nomad was conceived on a train between Budapest & Bratislava, born from an adventurous spirit & a few songs about life.

The Sonic Keys

Arguably the South's foremost soul-tinged, funk five piece. Recently emerging from their spiritual home, London - they have gained a loyal following. Newly signed to Soul Mule Records, their underground white label discs are much sought after by DJs and vinyl junkies alike. Sonic Keys are strictly for those who choose to groove!

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The Riots

"The Riots are one of the most exciting Mod bands I have heard in years" - Pete Mitchell (Absolute Radio)

"The best Mod band in the world" - Sussed magazine (Ireland)

"These modern boys are the spirit of a 17 year old Paul Weller unleashed on the streets of Moscow" - Stephen Hughes (The Mod Generation)

"The Riots hands down are one of THE best mod/pop rock band on the planet right now (and believe me, I listen to them ALL!). Style, soul, aggression, amazing guitar work and the key element that separates these guys from the pack...songwriting skills that stand up to anything Weller and Marriott churned out in their prime" - Warren Peace (DJ/host of the "Maximum Rhythm & Booze" Radio Show)

'Nuff said

MR&B recommends...

​At Maximum Rhythm & Booze, we don't believe the superstars of tomorrow should be discovered on shite TV talent shows. That's why we play these guys...


RAF was formed in 2011 with a simple goal - create punchy, danceable, music with as much style and attitude as possible. This is Mod music from Across the Pond. A full frontal assault of catchy 3 minute songs delivered in sharp suits and vintage instruments. No standing around.  The foursome of lads includes Chris Rich (guitar & vox), John Crawford (bass & vox), Josh Millman (guitar & vox) and Brad Pharis (drums). 

"With a sound reminiscent of early Squire and some of the other ‘Mods Mayday ‘79’ bands (and others of that time) I find that I cannot recommend this release highly enough. Although this is the first time I have heard these songs, in a weird way it brings back memories of being in my mid-teens again."  (Modernist Society Review)

"RAF, hailing from Portland (seriously, what is in the water out there?) are feeding the masses a very Mod revival infused sound that gets your feet stomping and your fists pumping. We are the Mods, indeed! Not only do they know how to get the party going, the group is made up of some of the sweetest, nicest guys a gal could ever know!” 

(Penny Lane- Host of Maximum Rhythm & Booze)

The Electric Stars

The Electric Stars are unlike any other band on
'The Scene' right now ! They have managed to perfect a trick, that all the great bands have up their collective sleeve. That is, the ability to soak up all the best music, from the best bands, from any era & spit it out as original tunes ! The band formed in 2011, as a gang of like minded freaks, from the remnants of various Mancunian combo's. The Mission: Original Rock n Roll that inspires !
They signed to Detour Records in February 2012, released a single in March & the debut album 'Sonic Candy Soul' in September ! They have played with the likes of The Charlatans, Kaiser Chiefs, Macy Gray & Jefferson Airplane. The album has been featured in countless magazines with glowing reviews, even making the Top 12 of 2012 in 'Scootering Magazine' alongside Paul Weller. A second album is due for release late 2016

The Most

Hailing from Umeå in rural Sweden (the birthplace of IKEA), The Most are Frans Perris (guitars and vocals), Magnus Kollberg (guitars and vocals), Mats Westin (drums), Martin Claesson (bass). Taking inspiration from old Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, 50-60s Soul, 50-60s R&B but also from bands like The Zombies, The Kinks, and The Who  the band grew up driving mopeds, smoking and drinking beers, petting dogs, pigs and cats, discovering their own secret world from listening to records from afar. Today, they are widely regarded as one of, if not THE best live band on the scene today.

In 2009, the band collaborated with Andy Bell (Ride, Hurricane No. 1, Oasis, Beady Eye) with Bell contributing guitars and vocals on the song 'Now I Feel' from the EP Moderation in Moderation (a title Bell suggested) and a guitar on the band's third EP 'Resistance is Useless' (2010). The Most first full length album Auto-Destructive Art was released in 2013 celebrated with a three live gigs at the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool! Their latest release and best to date 'Invasion Completed' is available from CopaseDisques HERE 

They have now gigged around the world, last summer as far as Mexico as a detour from their scheduled California gigs. Forget 'Get Carter.' Get The Most!

Photo courtesy of Roger Degerman

French Boutik 

Paris-based based, sharp-dressed French-American "Pop Modernistes.". What exactly is Pop Moderniste? It is difficult to describe: As Shindig Magazine puts it: "They call it Pop Moderniste. I call it bloody marvelous."

 A unique combination of influences ranging from 60s standards like Dutronc and the Kinks, to early punk and powerpop from XTC and the Jam, with  French Boutik trademarks : Unusual but catchy melodies, sharp and sometimes controversial French and English lyrics, strong harmonies, chiming and slightly psychedelic guitar and assertive bass and drums, all underscored with smooth Wurlitzer and Hammond organ sounds.While the Boutik is very much French, it has been embraced internationally, with 3 vinyl EPs released on the German CopaseDisques label, a compilation of which just came out in the UK (Detour Records) and Japan (Majestic Sound Recordings). 
 They are putting out a crowdfunded first album in October, again on CopaseDisques for vinyl and with simultaneous UK CD release on Detour Records.